Cheddar Quarterback: Build a Protein Filled Game Day Snack Platter

Hosting the boys for the big game? Football snacks don’t have to be all nachos and beer. Please your palate and introduce bold, rugged flavors with a charcuterie board centered around a sense of adventure, and packs in a little more protein to sustain through the long afternoon. Here are our recommendations for delicious, masculine cheeses and pairings to present at your next showtime spread:

Oregon Blue | Rogue Creamery
Like its nationally-lauded sister cheese, Rogue River Blue, this cave-aged blue encourages a brave palate to discover all notes in a single bite. With a moderate blue vein and a hint of forest honey, this strong cut melts-in-your-mouth and leaves a fruity, savory finish.

Red Fox Aged Leicester | Belton Farm
This russet-colored mature cheddar is a classic for any bold board. Fans of this England-made cheese love the unexpected crunch in each bite, which comes from naturally-occurring calcium lactate crystals.

Wensleydale with Cranberries | Coombe Castle
This classic, inviting Wensleydale is infused with bright red cranberries, breaking up the exceptionally creamy cheese with a rogue bite of sweet juiciness.

Spreadable Smoky Jalapeño Cheese Dip | Alouette
This easy-serve dippable cheese derives from cream made in the Amish farms of Lancaster Country. Spicy Jalapeño unites with cilantro and smoked onions to bring a smokey kick to the union.

Natural Sliced Proscuitto | Mount Olive
Aged cuts from fine pork leg compose this divine proscuitto, a buttery melt-in-your-mouth cold cut which will elevate anything on your charcuterie board.

Dry Salami Nuggets | Busseto
Skip the prep work with these delicious dried salami nuggets. Bite sized for on-the-go snacking, they work great in a snacking bowl for a casual board.

You’re welcome to pick and choose from this selection, or add your own favorites like briny olives, sesame crackers, or a cheese of your choice. Or, if you’re interested in sampling all of these at once, try our Adventure Board!