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What Is a PDO Cheese?

Traditional Cheesemaking Makes Great Cheese

Many Gourmet and specialty cheeses are still made today using time-honored methods and ingredients in their originating region from the World: The Origin

These authentic cheeses are of superior quality and historical importance, and they are given government name protected status.

In the last few years, the European Union has created the Product of Designated Origin (PDO) system to protect specific foods made within certain communities. Some countries also use DOC, Consortium symbols or other insignia to indicate a cheese has been recognized as authentic and traditional.

The FA “farmhouse” or “farmstead” cheese is one that is made on the farm where the milk is produced. Typically, these cheeses are considered better than those made with milk from many different sources because the cows can be monitored more closely. An artisan cheese is a cheese domestically produced, but made in the European tradition.

These cheeses are often produced in small batches by local dairy farmers.

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