Making a “Tour de France” Cheese Board

Nothing says “sophisticated & elegant” quite like a gourmet cheese board full of traditional French cheeses. A well-selected array features varied flavors, textures and colors, presented on a stylish board with a few tasteful accompaniments. In honor of all things French, here are a few of our favorite French cheeses – each more visually, flavorfully and texturally interesting than the next! 

Pont L’Évêque (Levasseur) is a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese made in Calvados, the heart of Normandy known for its apple production and rich cheeses. It is a name-protected cheese, aged perfectly to achieve a subtle hazelnut flavor and a soft texture. 

Boursault (Maison Boursault) is a unique triple-crème cheese made even richer with the addition of creme fraîche. The result is a lush, decadent cheese whose texture is the consistency of thick sour cream with a mushroomy, nutty flavor. 

Saint Agur is France’s signature double-crème blue cheese, made of cow’s milk in the Velay region of central France. Its intense blue flavor is tempered by its creamy mouth-feel, making it a more rounded and widely appealing blue cheese than some of the bolder varieties. 

Chèvre Aux Épices is a handcrafted goat’s milk cheese made in Les Charentes, where the Atlantic Ocean Lends a tangy flavor to this creamy cheese. It is then infused with a coating of Herbs de Provence, green pepper, mustard, onion, parsley, chives and other aromatic herbs. 

Le Montagnard (Maison Boursault) is made of cow’s milk in the Vosges region of eastern France. This washed-rind mountain cheese is intensely flavorful, characterized by a bright orange exterior and a creamy, rich paste. 

Saint Marcellin (Bourdin) is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Dauphine valley region of France, at the foot of the Alps, where lush pastures result in ultra-creamy soft-ripened cheeses.St. Marcellin is no exception, offering a fresh, milky flavor and rich texture.