The Surprising Health Benefits of Cheese

We here at Pierre Cheese Market believe cheese is not only the key to a happy life but to a long one as well. Here’s why.

While there’s no denying cheese has a bit of a bad rap as a high-fat food, there are, in fact, several health benefits to munching on that block of Swiss.

Over the years, research has surfaced suggesting the many health benefits of cheese. In fact, in 2018, researchers from McMasters University in Canada found that those who indulged in more than two portions of cheese a day saw decreases in the chance of stroke and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What’s more, cheese made from the milk of animals that are raised 100% grass-fed contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K-2, a nutrient our bodies use to coagulate blood. Research has even revealed that dairy products, like cheese and milk, can help keep our teeth free of cavities. (Bye, dentist!)

And if that isn’t a good enough reason to dig out some parmesan from the kitchen pantry, a separate study by Texas A&M University found that eating mature cheese— such as cheddar, blue cheese, and yes, parmesan— could lower your chance of liver cancer.

Other health benefits of consuming cheese include less inflammation; lower blood pressure; gut health; and blood vessel protection. When it comes to the latter, a 2016 study showed that the blood vessels of participants who ate cheese were healthier than those of people who ate pretzels or soy cheese, while other research suggests the dairy staple houses antioxidants that help maintain brain health.

Keep in mind we’re not suggesting you chow down on 10 slices of Mozzarella for dinner— everything in moderation, of course. Still, we hope you feel at least a little less guilty next time you scarf down a pack of string cheese.