Fondue Cheese (melted cheese) in the traditional Swiss style, in a big pot with utensils for dipping of appetizers and finger foods

Fondue Party With Emmi’s Swiss Knight Fondue

Fondue is derived from the French word “fondre,” which means “to melt.” Traditional fondue originated in Switzerland as a way to preserve the hardness of cheese and stale bread during the winter months. Today it is fondue is Switzerland’s national dish served in homes and restaurants all throughout the country. However, it is hardly ever served in fancy restaurants because the aroma wafting throughout the restaurant would be stronger than the aroma of other people’s dinners.

Now available through Pierre Cheese Market, Emmi’s Swiss Knight Fondue allows you to create a genuine fondue experience that will entertain your friends and family. This fondue is made from the traditional Swiss recipe of Swiss cheese, white wine, and Kirsch brandy. The ready-made format means all you have to do is heat it on the stove and serve it.

Instructions for Preparing and Serving Emmi Fondue

Open bags of Emmi Fondu and pour the fondue into your fondue pot or pan. Bring the fondue to a boil and keep stirring until smooth.

Arrange all of the food, crackers, vegetables and everything else on wood cutting boards or large platters or plates with the cheese fondue in the center, and enjoy!

“You know fondue is a social dish, and so each person who serves it will have their own theories, and you can all discuss those, while the cheese bubbles away.”